Eyeliner Évidemment Feutre

Extra slim water-resistant felt tip eyeliner.



Easy to use eyeliner pen for creating precise, ultra-intense lines. The ultra-fine point allows for perfectly controlled application. Long-lasting formula. Paraben free. Water resistant. Ophthalmologist tested.


The slanted felt tip can be used like a stamp to draw a flawlessly crisp line, following these step-by-step instructions:
STEP 1: press the slanted tip along the lash line and extend it outwards towards the brow for a cat-eye look.
STEP 2: work the line back towards the centre of the eye, staying as close as possible to the lash line.
Take a look and if a thicker, more dramatic line is needed, repeat Step 2, this time pressing the felt tip a little more firmly.
To prevent the felt tip from drying out, wipe regularly with a tissue to remove build-ups of eye shadow or powder.


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Ultra-fine tip, long-lasting colour.

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